31 January 2009

On Being Quietly Successful

Does personality have something to do with the need for quietness?

Throughout my upbringing, as a shy, highly strung, sensitive child, I was constantly admonished by my elders for having such a temperament. It especially appeared, from my experiences at school and home, and from watching television, that having the interests and temperament of an introvert was not conducive to success in the world.

Yet I am happy being quiet. Is happiness not success?

29 January 2009

The Town of Dorothea

Whenever the weather is very hot or fairly wet here in the town of Dorothea, my neighbourhood is often quieter. People stay indoors and do not mow their lawns as often. They do not drive about so much, and even the squawking lorikeets take shelter.

Out in the world, shops and restaurants continuously assault the ears, the mind and the cardiovascular system with blaring radios that seem to be there to appease juvenile employees. The acoustic needs of customers are rarely acknowledged and frequently remain unstated.

Perhaps the ingrained boredom of menial service work requires the wakefulness that is induced by amplified rhythms. Factories also blare out mechanical noises and wailing sounds, some of which are emitted from radios.

Why do most mainstream commercial audio recordings have a similar soundscape to heavy industry? Perhaps people are more likely to spend money when they are stressed, especially on unnecessary items, hence the reason for stressful sounds in many shops.

Perhaps this is a public health issue that needs to be addressed.  Have you any thoughts to share?

Often I find that the best place to find peace is at home, but this all depends on how people in, and travelling through, my neighbourhood choose behave.

Do you have noisy neighbours?

25 January 2009

Freedom from Noise

Do you yearn for that elusive place where the need for quiet is respected?

Does noise often interrupt your enjoyment of life?

Are your thoughts frequently intruded upon by invasive sounds?