28 March 2009

So moved... about democracy

I was planning to avoid blogging until next month, but could not go past this opportunity to provide a link to a wonderful item in the New York Times.

24 March 2009

The myth of the corporate institutional investor

I am supposed to be having a break from blogging but there have been some comments in the mainstream media recently that have motivated me to respond. Why is it that many journalists have not yet understood that there is no such thing as a corporate institutional investor?

All companies are only entities in as much as they are owned by shareholders. By following the ownership trail, it usually leads back to people like you and me, however rich or poor we may be.

17 March 2009


I am going to write a big blog post today so hold on to your mouse and be prepared - but not scared! I'll be having a break from blogging after this post, but please keep your comments coming in.

16 March 2009

Mundi Mundi Plains for a Monday


Looking over the Mundi Mundi Plains in outback New South Wales is like looking over the sea. It is a vast expanse with no sign of habitation. I love looking from a remote high spot to a far horizon, with no traffic noise, no chatter, no strangers, no buildings, just being in the universe.

12 March 2009

Journaling - Keeping a Private Journal

There are many people who are so busy talking that they often forget to listen to themselves, or others. How might such people learn to listen? Could a private journal help?

05 March 2009

Leading Quietly

A lively mind

People often assume that because I have a lively mind and the ability to communicate in a lively, informed manner, that I seek out social activities purely for the sake of socializing. However, there is nothing so irritating for me than spending time in the company of people who have no understanding or appreciation of my need for time alone, in peace and quiet.

03 March 2009

Gentle rain and a day at home

If you live in verdant countryside, gentle rain may be a boring phenomenon but for those of us in the town of Dorothea it is a wonderful and unusual experience. Being at home when it is gently raining is delightful. The surrounding neighbourhood sounds are dampened and a temporary cosy bliss prevails.