16 March 2009

Mundi Mundi Plains for a Monday


Looking over the Mundi Mundi Plains in outback New South Wales is like looking over the sea. It is a vast expanse with no sign of habitation. I love looking from a remote high spot to a far horizon, with no traffic noise, no chatter, no strangers, no buildings, just being in the universe.

The outback is best experienced away from grazing sheep and cows as they attract annoying flies. It is especially wonderful to watch the sun rise and set while camping out somewhere away from other humans, their pets, livestock and machinery.

On a still, moonless night, away from street lights, the whole universe is permitted to embrace you as you witness the night sky much as your ancestors might have done, thousands of years ago.

I also like looking from a wide valley towards a beautiful hill or mountain. Perhaps I will explore this topic later in my Continual Journeys blog. In the meantime, enjoy the views. Enjoy your Monday!

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