29 April 2009

The People's Budget 1909

One Hundred Years Ago today, on 29 April 1909, British Chancellor of the Exchequer, David Lloyd George, introduced what became know as "The People's Budget". What can the world learn from this historical event?

26 April 2009

Healing Humanity

For several years now, I have been spreading the message that war, like all forms of violence, is a sign of social and political failure. Whether a person is violent as a consequence of ignorance, indoctrination or insensitivity does not excuse its expression.

25 April 2009

How to solve the world's financial problems

It might help humanity if we all offer some suggestions on what to do to alleviate suffering and want.

18 April 2009

Hermits for Humanity

Do you care about humanity but like avoiding crowds? How might some time away from other people be of benefit to you and to them?

17 April 2009

A Symphony of Silence

If you have good hearing, you may have found that just stopping to listen can raise the volume of even the quietest environment. I love listening to quiet places. My home, though, is not far from a busy main road. Every chance for peaceful, restful silence is something I never take for granted.

09 April 2009

Fleeting ideas and forgotten memories

Who am I? A social scientist, researcher and administrator by training? A philosopher, historian and cook by temperament? Do I limit myself by using labels and definitions? How about you? Do you sometimes forget who you really are? Who are you?

08 April 2009

A Peace of Chocolate

For consumers, chocolate can be one of the most blissful tastes. Like any other chocolate lover, I find it wonderful, but what about the people who grow and harvest the raw products that make up our treats?

03 April 2009

Smells and Emotions

Do you relax and feel more at peace when in an environment with a pleasant fragrance? How are your experiences altered by the smells around you? What is your favourite smell?

02 April 2009

Language and Peace

It is so easy to use a blog to vent our frustrations and express our anger at various injustices. How, though, does this help visitors to our blogs who might be looking for edifying experiences after they have spent a day of frustration and anger?