26 February 2010

Ends And Means

At the heart of justice is the desire to treat people always as ends in themselves and never merely as means to an end. It is for this reason that terrorism - whether by individuals, groups or government forces - can never be justified.

12 February 2010

Learning About Peace

It is another very pleasant day in the town of Dorothea. The sun is shining and the temperature is in the mid 20s celsius. Yet all I can really say is that my day has been quite pleasant, so far. Later this afternoon, I have an appointment with my doctor and expect to have some rather intrusive medical tests.

This morning, I have been doing some research on the topic of peace education. Do you know much about the topic? How might peace be appropriately taught? Does the success of peace education depend on how it is taught in each social context?

01 February 2010


Great art can often lead us to serenity. Here is a video link you may find pleasant:

YouTube - Women in Art