27 May 2010

Just Being

Are some people afraid just to be?

Is it far too difficult to turn off the telephone, the television, the radio, the computer, and the other engines and machines that fill modern lives?

 Do you enjoy being still and alone, even for a few moments, and use that time just to be?

21 May 2010

Sunshine through the Window

Now that the nights are becoming cooler here in the town of Dorothea, and the sun is lower in our northern sky during the daytime, I am glad I have a north facing living room, with the sunshine streaming through the window.

15 May 2010

Peace and Security

I enjoy gathering information about the people who are working for peace and security in the world. Too often, the news media focuses our attention on those who do the opposite.

07 May 2010

The Valuing of Shared Values

If there is only one aspect of life that is likely to make the world more peaceful, perhaps it is the valuing of shared values.

03 May 2010

My No Fly Zone

Nature can often be a source of wonder and enjoyment but some aspects of it can be very irritating at times. This blog post is not about volcanoes, airports and crowds of stranded travellers. It is about buzzing insects, some of which are known as flies.