30 July 2010

Being Comfortable with Knowledge

One of my interests is exploring the meaning of a good education. I am a person who has a poor memory, so I am not very good at sitting examinations. I am also quite anxious in test situations.

25 July 2010


This is my favourite photograph of my lovely grandparents, Harry and Dorothy. It is how they have stayed in my memory for many years.

23 July 2010

Uncertainty, Rejection and Art

Today, I have been reading some interesting articles about uncertainty and rejection. These are topics I have sometimes explored in my blogs, mainly because they are such important and inevitable aspects of human life.

21 July 2010

Vespers Not Vespas

Being at religious services often makes me feel uncomfortable because I do not follow any religious beliefs. Being a freethinker does not necessarily mean a lack of spirituality, as this blog may reveal to you if you have not been here before. I just like being.

20 July 2010

A Healthy Way To Live

Last year, I wrote a blog post on the topic of smells and emotions. Today, I have been reading a couple of news stories about the health hazards of scented products:

Not so sweet: chemicals in fragrances

Cancer concerns for house-proud women

I like my body and home to smell clean and natural. This often means that there is no noticeable smell at all for much of the time. There is enough pollution in the outside air in many parts of the world and it is quite difficult for many people to be aware of pollutants they can avoid and control.

09 July 2010

The Private Act of Writing

For any reader who has been following one or more of my blogs, you may be wondering why your "follower" picture has been absent from the right hand columns in recent weeks. I had been finding it difficult to keep my own voice while writing. By this, I mean that your presence as a possible reader of my words was intruding on my often daily decisions about what and how to write.

08 July 2010

Slow and Gentle Food and Living

There is a distinct difference, in my perceptions, between a slow, gentle approach to life and a long, leisurely lunch.

There is an appropriate time for each of us to devote ourselves to resting, eating, enjoying the company of people we especially like, and enjoying time to ourselves. Much of your time might be spent in working to meet the needs of those you encounter each day, while trying to meet your own needs along the way. How do you keep up with the pace of your life?

07 July 2010

A Sometimes Conscious Creature

I see myself as an ever-evolving, sometimes conscious creature who enjoys experiencing life as a journey.

06 July 2010

All People Matter

At the official level of global politics, it is now recognised, at least on paper, that all people matter equally. But what does equality really mean? Perhaps there are too many empty words in grand documents, with their publication having little bearing on the realities of people's lives.