27 January 2011

Calming the Traffic, the Body and the Mind

A usual official response to complaints about noise is to commission a report on the topic.  I have seen numerous reports on noise issues, many dating back to the 1960s and 1970s, and many more that are more recent.  Yet the problem is rarely resolved, except when it concerns occupational health and safety.

20 January 2011

An Inconspicuous Status

One of the main signs of insecurity - and insensitivity - is an overt preoccupation with social status.  On the other hand, to be totally without any care about how we are perceived by others might sometimes be associated with mental illness.  Finding a balance between the two is, however, quite easy.

15 January 2011

Lovely Things to Say

I enjoy receiving comments about my blogs, especially reflective ones.  I mostly only publish the reflective comments rather than those that commonly just say things like "great post", "interesting" or "thank you".  Even so, it is always nice to know people are reading my words from time to time.

05 January 2011

Hormones, Vitamins and Peace

Science is still revealing a great deal about many aspects of the human body and human mind, and many of those findings frequently contradict previous findings.  Can we find peace with our decision making tasks as far as our health is concerned?

03 January 2011

Noise and the City

A romantic mood can be difficult in a noisy environment.  The art of seduction probably will not thrive in the midst of lawnmower engines, burglar alarms, loud exhausts and inopportune telephone calls.  But perhaps this is a good thing.