30 October 2012

Reflective Self Discoveries

Do you need peace and quiet whenever you wish to make some useful self discoveries?  Does self reflection often require a few moments to compare your life with that of other people?  If you compared yourself with me, what would you see?

As a social scientist by training, with a media background, I'm living in Australia now but worked in London for a while in the 1980s.

I currently live in a place I refer to as suburban lawnlandia, in a mostly dry and dusty town I prefer to describe as Dorothea in the Wilderness. Unlike my neighbours, my garden has no lawn. My way of life is not particularly suburban as I like to live in a rural way in an urban environment.

I grew up in small, rural communities but have spent much of my adulthood living in cities - and escaping from cities into more natural places.

I'm now a social entrepreneur whose activities have so far included being a book publisher (only of non-fiction - sorry budding novelists), writer, educator, policy analyst, consultant, philanthropist, and initiator of all sorts of exploratory projects.

You may know that I try to live peacefully, travel thoughtfully, understand deeply, and share creatively... sometimes all at the same time.