08 January 2016

Peace and Power

Living quietly often provides the time and space in which to find answers to important questions:

1. When examining history, including your family history, how often do you reflect upon the struggle for power and the struggle against powerlessness? 

2. When do you think about whether war is the most extreme form of struggle?

3. How much power do you believe is necessary in order to have a peaceful life?

4. Under what political circumstances do you experience peace?

5. When do you usually have a medley of reflections?

6. How do you usually find inner peace?

7. When have you kept a private journal?

8. What is your definition of optimumism?

9. What is the relationship between peace, power and investment?

10. What does it mean to live quietly, deeply and simply?

11. When has the news media been supportive of peace?

12. What is the relationship between peace and bravery?

13. How do you express power to ensure all people matter?

14. What is the relationship between peace, power and elections?

15. How is peace supportive of a healthy mind?

16. How can peace be maintained and enhanced by new media?

17. How do you express the qualities of pro-social living?

18. What is the connection between peace, power and public knowledge?

19. How much healthier would you feel in a quiet environment? 

20. How much more relaxed would you be if you could enjoy more peace?

The above questions may be especially useful to answer before pursuing impact investments.

06 January 2016

Avoiding Unnecessarily Distressing Situations

If you ever switch off the radio and television and all Internet-connected devices, and all electronic gadgets, and avoid reading newspapers and magazines, how is your mind filled?

What can make you feel more peaceful than usual?

The media can often make life seem busier than necessary.  It imposes other people's tragedies and triumphs onto our lives.

Without news from far away, especially distressing news, what would your life be like? 

When have you found that an extended time away from the media has given you the time to think more deeply about your beliefs and attitudes, and about your own identity and needs and talents, and about what you want to achieve with the remainder of your existence?

When and how you have been away from all sources of news?

How have you later responded when catching up with news events, especially through the recollections of people you know?

How do you usually respond, both emotionally and practically, to the news you hear and/or read?

Avoiding unnecessarily distressing situations is reasonably easy for practitioners of optimumism.

When have you ever found any news media for peace?

When have you preferred spending your time quietly reading?

How often do you make time for reflection, serenity and illumination?