26 June 2017

Freedom and Community

In relation to society, how much do you believe self-expression and a fair democracy to be the basis of freedom?

In relation to self-expression and a fair democracy, how much do you believe privacy to be the basis of freedom?

How do you prefer to express yourself?

How would you prefer to express yourself through democracy if given a fair chance to do so?

How often have you heard a chainsaw at one in the morning?

How often have you experienced a silent night in suburbia?

How often have you heard anyone vacuuming the roof?

How often do you experience a medley of reflections?

02 March 2017

The Importance of Quietness

When I began this blog in January 2009, my introductory subject was freedom from noise.

If quietness is important to you, why is that?

Is quietness a form of freedom to you?

I write from the town of Dorothea.  Sometimes, Dorothea can be very noisy and sometimes very quiet.  I prefer quietness.

Like Via, the name I have chosen for myself as a blogger, Dorothea is the name I have chosen for my blogging location.  I like privacy.

In the same month in which I began blogging, I wrote on being quietly successful.  I like being successfully happy.

The importance and appreciation different people give to quietness relates to their cultural awareness of sound.  I prefer relatively quiet cultures but obviously not those I find boring.

I do not read music.  I do not perform music for anyone.  I enjoy singing privately.

I listen to nature and I at least try to listen to people if they are willing to listen to me.  I listen to music and I listen to silence. 

When I hear noises I try not to listen to them.  I always prefer to be in a noise-free environment.

I write about sounds and thoughts and feelings and knowledge.  I need quietness to write.